Our Product Reviews

Verified Customer, Illinois

 I am a loyal vegan, yoga enthusiast, and a full time CEO. With little time to focus on my protein intake, Pure Protein Blend has changed my life! These magical little capsules have seriously alleviated any stress I had regarding my diet (or lack thereof at times) with my inability to eat meat. I used to make whey protein shakes, but found that they slowed my digestion, and “sluggish” was not something I had much time for with my hectic schedule. This product provides me the energy I need to get through my day. It also allows me the peace of mind to not focus so much on “diet” but more on living a healthy life.
I couldn’t be more grateful for this product!  

Verified Customer, Pennsylvania

 All I can say is Wow!
For years I struggled with multiple skin ailments. Including hair loss and horrible eczema. After researching the ingredients on the website and learning that moringa was known for its countless benefits for skin, I decided to give it a shot. I am so pleased that I did. Not only did my eczema improve, but my hair is growing back (almost overnight it seems) and its thicker than ever!  

Verified Customer, Texas

 I admit that before starting this product I didn’t always make the healthiest choices. My diet was awful and I didn’t exercise. A friend of mine suggested Pure Protein Blend and I ordered it because I was aware of the health benefits of hemp. I haven’t lost weight yet but my inflammation has decreased and my clothes are fitting better. I guess the best part of taking these capsules is the fact that it makes me feel healthy from the inside out. It pushes me to make better diet choices and with the energy I receive from it, I’ve gotten a gym membership. I highly suggest it!  

Verified Customer, United Kingdom

 I couldn’t be more pleased with this lovely protein! I purchased a bottle from their website simply because I had never seen protein in a capsule before. To be true, I knew very little about the moringa or hemp ingredients but was religious with blending whey protein shakes every morning. My body went through a sort of detox when I began it which was gentle and exactly what I was hoping for. I’m 60 years old and relatively active for my age.  

Verified Customer, Canada

 I was skeptical because of the suggested dose only being 4 grams. I workout daily and assumed this protein wouldn’t affect me much. I received a bottle as a gift from my wife as she is always pushing me to try new things. At first, I got more out of my protein shakes and protein bars, but in the first month of using this product I became addicted to the various benefits of the plant ingredients used. Energy, additional amino acids, and gut health were the most improved for me. I push this product on everyone I know. 

Verified Customer, California

 I’m a nutritionist with a Pilates studio that I operate. I am vegan and conduct my own research often to be on top of the best products on the market to suggest to my clients. I found something wonderful in Pure Protein Blend! The detox is kind to the system but is powerful in the fact that its repeated with each capsule taken. For those of you who are skeptical of the 4-gram suggestion, this is appropriate for most plant proteins as too high of a dose renders certain digestional issues. By far, this is my favorite detox aid and I suggest it to my clients regularly because hemp and moringa are the most nutritious plants in the world! Nouvelle Botanica, you’re definitely on to something!  

Verified Customer, Virginia

 I’m almost 65 and post-menopausal. A few years ago I experienced hair thinning around my temples and the overall health of my hair was awful compared to how thick it used to be. I was told to try this product by my acupuncturist and I have to admit that I had growth after a week. 2 months later, I still take my protein capsules and I’m still seeing progress! 

Verified Customer, Ireland

 After I delivered my daughter last year, I began searching for healthy alternatives to my typical regimen of daily vitamins, shakes, and intermittent exercise. I figured I’d start here with Pure Protein Blend because I was hoping to cut meat from my diet. I was told by my doctor that moringa was the healthiest plant in the world, so I bought a bottle that same day. Over all, I feel great! My body felt stronger and honestly, just healthier because I was putting healthy and pure ingredients into it.  

Verified Customer, Massachusetts

 I’m obsessed with moringa. I’ve been using hair and skin products with moringa for a while and when I saw that this product was available, I ordered right away. If you haven’t tried this moringa product, get on it!  

Verified Customer, New York

 Late last year I sustained a knee injury from a fall. As a professional ballerina, I was concerned that I would lose muscle as I took time off to heal. I was encouraged to try anything hemp related for swift healing. When I was online buying a hemp oil for pain I came across this product and ordered it. Happy to say that I healed quicker than I believed I would.  

Verified Customer, Arkansas

 The detox from this product is seriously the best I’ve experienced. I’ve tried weight loss teas, powders, herbs, and various other products to achieve what these 4 capsules have achieved in detoxing my body! After the first 2 weeks I’d already lost 6lbs of straight up inflammation. I’ve been on it almost 2 months now and I’m obsessed. I suggest it to everyone.  

Verified Customer, North Carolina

 I can’t stop raving about this product. My skin has always been a struggle. Acne, rosacea, and high histamine levels have attributed to me giving up on ever having clear glowing skin. I started this product because I’m also a vegan but found that it healed my skin and toned it better than any medication or ointment I’ve tried. I guess maybe because it cleanses the system from the inside out? It works and I’ll always have it on hand!  

Verified Customer, Oregon

 I suffer horribly from Fibromyalgia and various autoimmune disorders. I saw this product on Natural Thyroid Solutions website and figured it was worth a shot to try because of the hemp helping with what I have. It does. I’ve become attached to this product and never want to be without it. Many thanks to the team at Natural Thyroid Solutions for suggesting it. The customer service at Nouvelle Botanica is stellar and I couldn’t be happier to find something that works for me. 

Verified Customer, Maryland

 My son has always dealt with a low immune system, even when he was little. Generic multi-vitamins never sat well with him and he’s a picky eater on top of it. Now that he’s a pre-teen he takes 2 of these capsules and has fewer colds and infections. I guess I never really considered his gut health. The woman I emailed with at Nouvelle Botanica was very helpful.