Our Intention

Our Mission


Nouvelle Botanica strives to make it our mission, and our responsibility to put health, wellness, and the Earth first. Through our unique ingredients and our exceptional approach to organic wellness, we take plants seriously. Our essential formulation and meticulous attention to nutritional detail, reflects the power of our plant-based products as well as encouragement and inspiration for each customer of ours to live and love a healthy lifestyle.

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Our Team



The Nouvelle Botanica team consists of two quirky cousins who grew up curious and insightful. World travelers and perpetual wanderlusters, we embarked upon a commitment to aid in changing the world one green plant at a time. Through this commitment, we discovered a concentrated interest in an array of plant-based products, and their awesome effects on the body. Research quickly turned to action when we, faithful vegetarians, felt that protein was a major food staple that we consistently lacked in our preferred diet. Putting our heads together (along with some other pretty ones at the manufacturing company we use), we concocted a unique combination of two powerful proteins to build our signature product Pure Protein Blend.

Our Return/Refund Policy



To maintain the integrity of each order, please note that our refund policy adheres to unopened bottles only. Photo documentation of damaged materials must be present before opening and will be required for refunds.
If you are unhappy with your product for any reason, or feel that you need some additional love of the educated kind, we’d love to hear from you! Please email us at info@nouvellebotanica.com for more return/refund options.