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Pure Protein Blend

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Our Powerful Ingredients

Pure Protein Blend


The Power is in the Plant.

Our meticulously formulated dietary supplement is a great source of protein. This beautiful blend of pure proteins derived from the moringa tree and hemp plant, offers a variety of health benefits to nourish and revive the body. In veggie capsule form, these potent protein capsules have given the need of daily protein consumption an upgrade; making our dietary supplement a superior source of protein. 

Accompanying our two main ingredients of moringa and hemp protein you’ll find a helpful dose of fiber and digestive enzymes to ease digestion and encourage absorption.

Suggested Use: 

4 veggie capsules per day.

Total= 4,000mg of protein

120 capsules/bottle= 30 day supply

Benefits of Hemp


The Power is in the Plant.


Did you know that the Hemp Plant makes more fuel, fiber, food, and medicine than any other plant?
This ancient plant was the first cultivated, and was even carbon tested to suggest that it dates as far back as 10,000 years ago! In today’s world of agriculture, an acre of hemp produces 300 tons of protein, and 30 tons of fiber a year!
Talk about a superfood (uh, plant?)
Offering an amazing total of 20 amino acids, this green SuperPlant even nourishes the body with 9 essential amino acids that the human body can’t produce on its own! Combine that with essential fatty acids (only the good fats) and a superhero nudge to the immune system and you have yourself a protein powerhouse! (cape optional)

*Please note there is no THC in the product.

Benefits of Moringa


The Power is in the Plant.

Historically, the nutritional benefits of the moringa tree have been esteemed for being an extremely sustaining dietary food source. The leaves and pods, deemed to have purifying and healing powers (wand not included, sorry), can be consumed raw or cooked to offer a variety of medicinal properties. Labeled a “magical herb” (no glittery fairy dust either), exemplifies the potency and nourishing force of moringa protein. Offering plant-based minerals and amino acids from this source, our moringa protein powder supplies the body with an array of nutritious elements, anti-inflammatory components, and antioxidant properties. Making it one of the best plant-based proteins this stellar world has to offer!

The World's most nutritious plant! (Seriously, ask Siri or Google)

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